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List of products by manufacturer Herbovet

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  • 16,49 €
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    Herb Test is an excellent product to eliminate the germs that can be absorbed by the drinking water. Herb Test is a product created by...

  • In Stock In Stock

    Contributes to the purification of the body, supports the thyroid, causes the flesh to turn pink at the level of the sternun and a better moult of...

  • 13,50 €
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    Herbovet Herbo Aqua Control has a special formula acids, minerals, trace elements, oregano and cinnamon which positively influences the metabolism...

  • 36,49 €
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    Herbovet Herbo Elite Pigeon is a special combination of fatty acids as a natural antibacterial effect. - Supports the natural resistance.- Supports...

  • 22,50 €
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    Often, the pigeons do not like to eat the minerals that are available to them. Herbo-Mineral Mix : the pigeons love them and they are ideal as...

  • 15,49 €
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    Herbovet Herbo MMK is an excellent product to help prevent muscle cramps during and after the vol The electrolytes contained in Herbo MMK also...

  • 21,49 €
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    Herbo Racing & Power is a combination of raw materials of many high-quality ingredients, that are coordinated with precision and know-how. This...

  • 19,49 €
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    Herbovet Herbo Recover Plus is a revolutionary blend of electrolytes balanced, containing an ideal combination of maltodextrin and other sugars....

  • 24,38 €
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    Herbobeets concentrated juice of sugar beet.This product contributes to 16% more oxygen in the blood.

  • 20,49 €
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    Herbovet Herbochol More facilitates digestion, detoxifies and supports the functions of the liver and kidneys. Herbochol More prevents the fatty...

  • 25,49 €
    In Stock In Stock

    Herbovet Herbosol is a high-quality product which contains all the essential amino acids, vitamin B and electrolytes. The herbosol is essential...

  • 19,13 €
    In Stock In Stock

    Syrup of elder tree craft. Provides better immunity against infections of the respiratory tract and supports the purification of the body.

Showing 1 - 12 of 12 items