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  • 36,72 €
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    Fully galvanized and therefore very convenient to clean, the coating will have the highest hygiene standards; equipped in the front face of a...

  • 39,80 €
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    Automatic watering place trap in plastic. Features: It is equipped with a 3 feet and a handle. Ideal for all kinds of birds of low court. Color:...

  • 173,35 €
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    The vacuum cleaner highly efficient for large tasks in your piece of livestock, both at the time of moulting throughout the year. 1600 Watt max....

  • Stock Stock

    Spray insecticide, which can be used on the pet and in their environment. The spray eliminates fleas, ticks, lice, mosquitoes, flies, wasps, bed...

  • 15,91 €
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    Dimmer switch for panel heater. Maximum : 300 Watts

  • 8,26 €
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    Trough plastic in the form of shells for pigeons : especially well designed, it allows you to store the water in the loft. You are quiet for the...

  • 18,00 €
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    Trough fully galvanised with a capacity of 12 litres. Handle provided for ease of filling and transportation. Dimensions : Diameter 32 x 25 cm H.

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    Watering place hens on foot constant level designed to keep water always clean. High resistance to climate change. Fitted with feet to raise the...

Showing 433 - 444 of 444 items