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Dimmer for birds

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    SOIL 5000 "dimmer" modern simple, easy to use and multiple possibilities in order to reconstruct the cycles lifted and fell in a day.Blue screen...

  • 183,55 €
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    Computerized and easy to program.Digital clock Reduction and increase of the day from 0 to 4 minutes automatically.Dawn 20 minutes (fixed time)To...

  • 244,75 €
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    Computerized and perfect for any requirement.Digital clock with 12 programs adjustable. Reduction / increase from day 0 to 30 minutes...

  • 280,45 €
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    New Canariz offers a new dimmer very powerful.Computerized, for the breeders who want the best.Digital clock - hour and seconds displays the Day,...

  • 254,49 €
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    The dimmer Super Gold Star of Besser Elektronik allows to reconstruct the cycles of sunrise and sunset for parts of breeding. It improves the...

  • 304,98 €
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    The dimmer Universal 3000 in Besser Elektronik has the ability to inform two separate pieces with a single device. It manages the leds and neon...

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    This photoelectric cell placed on a wire of 5 metres is to be used with the dimmer Season Generator Ground-to-5000. It allows shifting the...

  • 36,67 €
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    This switch is placed on a cable with a length of 10 meters, allows you to remotely activate the lights when a person enters the room of animal...

Showing 1 - 8 of 8 items